Can you believe that it is only 6 months till Christmas!! I can start decorating for the holiday season in just 3 months, and I can begin planning and getting excited NOW!!  Most of you know that I am not a hot weather fan. Sorry, but I cheer for cold.  Not ice!!

Toronto is really growing.  We now have our liquor store open.  These other businesses will be opening shortly with web pages for information.  Next door to the liquor store is a lovely and interesting antique store.  Down the street from me will be the "Sassy Sisters" store.  They will open for lunch and browsing.  Their next plan is to open a small bed and breakfast in the building next door to them.  We have a new Hunters Lodge called " The Bate House" available for evening, weekend or longer rentals.  There is also "Darby Place", a quiet vacation rental.  Anyone want to open a seasonal grocery store, maybe a glass blower or potter, candy maker.....any would be welcome.  Rents could be low.

It is wonderful to see life coming back to Toronto.  These micro mini towns still have a lot to offer and life to live.  Plan on spending some time in town next time you come.  I am thinking we will be needing a STOP LIGHT soon.


For the 3rd and 4th of July, we are offering our delicious Italian Sausage Stuffed Puff Pastry on a bed of arugula with a creamy cheese sauce.  On Sunday the 5th, we will be making our Pork Sausage Raviolis.  

This weekend July 3-5, we are celebrating
o  s .
Friday night there is a Street Dance starting at 9:00.  County Line Band will be playing.  
Saturday there will be the Volleyball Tournament at 1:00.
Sunday is the Tractor Pull at 1:00 and at dusk there will be the fireworks display.  For a town of our size the display is terrific.  They are held a the park grounds.
Grace will be playing on Friday night.
Marla is on stand-by for Saturday. 

On the 1oth and 11th we will be making Crab and Shrimp Cannelloni with peas in a Sweet Red Bell Pepper sauce.  That Sunday I want to do another ravioli.
For the weekend Marla will play on Friday.
On Saturday, Jean will entertain us.

I am trying a new dish on Friday the 17th, a Siciliana Lasagna with Asparagus  and Sun Dried Tomatoes plus a little panchetta.
On Saturday the 18th, we will have Prime Rib Eye Roast and Pasta Conchegilia.  On Sunday the 19th, we will make fresh pasta with veggies.

Marla will be here on Friday night.
Grace entertains us on Saturday.

On the weekend of the 24th and 25th, we will have Celia's Pasta which is farfalla in a creamy cheese sauce with roasted garlic, mushrooms, sun dried tomatoes and pulled chicken.

Friday night the 24th will be a real treat.  Flora Saunders will delight us with her lovely voice and she will be accompanied by Grace on the piano.
On Saturday night Jean will be here.

The last weekend of July will see us offering Sea Scallops wrapped in bacon with a rice medley.

Marla will play on both Friday and Saturday night.
As you tell your friends about us mention we are a reservation restaurant and to make them as early as they can.  If for some reason they can't keep the time, please let us know because we have folks waiting.

I try but I am not a fast cook.  Dinner here takes about 1 1/2 to 2 hours in a relaxingenvironment, with soft music, and good conversation, therefore we are not recommended for children.  

We don't take credit / debit cards.

We have a full bar and allow byob-wine with a cork fee.
We thank you all for your support and will continue to try to do our best for you.
 Love, Courtney and Chris

Here is a link to read the article in the Wichita paper,

Sorry, we can no longer advertise/offer music for the store due to licensing requirements.

   Pasta House  &
(Dine In or To Go)

Address                             Phone
120 W. Main Street                                (620) 637-0175
Toronto, KS 66777

Check out the Emporia Gazette for an
article written about Courtney's Places.




Pasta House  -(Not suitable for young children)

Mon. & Tue. - Closed

Wed. - Sat. - 5:00pm- 8:00pm

(Fri. & Sat - Reservation Required)

Sunday - 5:00 pm - 7:00 pm

Pizza Dine In or To Go
Mon. & Tue. - Closed                  

Wed. - Sat. - 5:00pm -800pm

Sunday - 5:00 pm - 7:00 pm


I usually prepare 3 entrees plus the one
listed nightly on the menu
for your dining choices.

Reservations for are strongly recommended.
Call (620) 637-0175

Since everything is made fresh, please
make reservations early to better serve
you. Reservations are required for Friday
and Saturday nights for the Pasta House.

I now have a liquor license and a small
supply of wine on hand sold by the
glass. You may bring your own bottle
(4-6 servings. Wine Only),  however, there will be
a $7.50 corking fee.
     "Do Not Confuse Wine with Liquor".  

No credit cards, please. Cash or checks only.
For your convenience, Vision cards are
accepted. Parties of 6 or more will
have a 20% gratuity added to their ticket.
Thank you.

Courtney's Places   

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