What's Cooking at Courtney's......
Happy Spring to you all.   I hope you are enjoying the process as much as I am.  Just waiting for the beautiful hummingbirds to arrive.   We always get so many of them.   In the peak season, we are refilling the feeders daily.  They love the honeysuckle that grows on the courtyard walls and all the flowers.  It will probably be another month before we fill the courtyard with flowers.   I am worrying about a late frost this year.  We have been lucky the past couple of years. 
Hope you like the menu we have chosen for this month.  Chris is working on the tiny house every day, so he is not able to help around the store as much.  I really want to make some raviolis on some Sunday this month.  For me, that is a fair amount of work .....without him.  I will have to see what I can do. 
April 1st and 2nd  we are doing our TUSCAN CHICKEN.   That's a marinated chicken breast, topped with spinach, sweet ham,   sautéed mushroom and cheese, then baked in a tomato red wine sauce.   Served with a delicious poppyseed  and  buttered pasta. 
Saturday night Marla  Degraffenried will  be on the piano. 
April 8th and 9th  we are offering FARFALLA WITH ASPERAGUS AND MUSHROOMS, which is tossed with  mascapone cheese  and walnuts.   This is a delicious spring  dinner.  

Saturday night Jean Vorhees  will be treating you on the piano.
April 15th and 16th  you can enjoy our CARMELIZED ONIONS AND MUSHROOMS, in a creamy port wine sauce over pasta with a  Chicken breast.  This is always a crowd pleaser. 

Marla Degraffenried will be back to entertain you on the piano on Saturday night.

For the weekend of April 22nd and 23rd,  we are making an ASPERAGUS AND SUN DRIED TOMATO  LASAGNA  with bacon and a  creamy sun dried tomato sauce. 
Jean Vorhees  will be on the piano   Saturday night. 
The last weekend of the month,  April 29th and 30th,  we are doing  a ROASTED GARLIC ALFREDO with a sautéed chicken breast  and diced tomatoes. 

Enjoy Marla Degraffenried on the piano Saturday night. Do know that everything is subject to change.  Both piano ladies have families that come first.  Also, our dinners depend on availability of items.   When I am out,  I  am  out!  I hope you understand.
The appetizer of the month will be, FRIED CHEESE RAVIOLIS with a spicy  Rosie Alfredo sauce.

Our Corking Fee has changed.  To eliminate the confusion,  it is now $10.50 per bottle of wine, regardless of the size (no boxes allowed).


The items listed above are just the specials I am making that week.  You can always check our web page for the full menu.  Yes, I do a Chicken Parmigiano and Courtney's Favorites, plus the printed menu items every night. 
Our hours remain as they have been for 4 years now.  We are open and seating, Wednesday thru Saturday 5:00 to 8:00 pm and on Sundays 5:00 to 7:00 pm with seating till 6:00 and pizza "to-go" till 7:00.  That being said, if we are here we will make you a to-go pizza,  just ask.  Please Remember, no credit or debit cards accepted. 

Jean and Marla,  our piano ladies want to thank you for your support.   It takes a lot of love and dedication to sit and play the piano for 3 plus hours for a pizza,  even if it's a delicious Courtney's Pizza.


We are trying to put together a Neill family sing  for some Friday night in the courtyard in the next few months.   Some of you will remember Tate and his guitar  from 10 years ago.   Well I  grew up listening to his dad, my brother,  play the piano and anything else handy.  He married Cora, who sounded just like Joan Baez of the  sixties.   As with a lot of us, not all things go as planned... and in time he married Tanya, who can harmonize with the best of them.  Is this TMI ?!?!   Anyhow, Cora and Tanya sang a couple of songs for our Valentines Dinner.  Everyone really enjoyed them, so we are going to try it again, but this time, we'll include the men.  Oh, by the way, Chris and I cook...we can not carry a tune!   Will keep you posted.
The Tiny House, "Dinner and a Bed", is coming along.  Most of the grunt work has been completed.   We will  pour cement next week.   It should go so much quicker after that.  I am really getting excited.  I think you will love it.

Chris and I  want to thank you for all your love and support these last 11 years.  It will be 12 on May 14th. It is such a pleasure to serve you all. To quote and paraphrase Jack Nicholson,  "You make me want to be a better restaurant!
Courtney and Chris

Please remember, we ask for reservations, because we cook, staff and set our hours based on those reservations.  We do not take reservations online nor through the answering machine. Please, call and talk to one of us personally, so we can be sure you get the best service possible.  

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Here is a link to read the article in the Wichita paper, 

Sorry, we can no longer advertise/offer music for the store due to licensing requirements.

   Pasta House  &
(Dine In or To Go)

Address                             Phone
120 W. Main Street                                (620) 637-0175
Toronto, KS 66777

Check out the Emporia Gazette for an
article written about Courtney's Places.


                Pasta House  -(Not suitable for young children)

                            Mon. & Tue. - Closed

                           Wed. - Sat. - 5:00pm- 8:00pm

                           (Fri. & Sat - Reservation Required)

                           Sunday - 5:00 pm - 7:00 pm

                    Pizza Dine In or To Go
                            Mon. & Tue. - Closed                  

                           Wed. - Sat. - 5:00pm -800pm

                           Sunday - 5:00 pm - 7:00 pm


I usually prepare 3 entrees plus the one 
listed nightly on the menu
for your dining choices.

For Reservations 
(620) 637-0175

Since everything is made fresh, please 
make reservations early to better serve
you. Reservations are required  for the Pasta House.
Reserve @ least 24 hrs in advance. If no reservation &
seats are available, you will be served, but menu may
be limited. If you need to change the number in your
group after reserving, call at least that morning by 11am.
If you need to cancel a reservation, call ASAP. We have
a waiting list.  If you don't show, then someone else
misses out on enjoying a good meal.  

Dinner here takes about 1 1/2 to 2 hours in a relaxing
environment, with soft music and good conversation.
Therefore, we are not recommended for children. 
Although we do love them; that's a long time
for young children to sit still.

I now have a liquor license and a small
supply of wine on hand sold by the
glass. You may bring your own bottle
(ANY size. Wine Only),  however, there will be
a $10.50 corking fee.
     "Do Not Confuse Wine with Liquor".  

No credit cards, please. Cash or checks only. 
For your convenience, Vision cards are 
accepted. Parties of 6 or more will 
have a 20% gratuity added to their ticket. 
Thank you.

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