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Aren't we lucky we live in the middle of this country?  Just think, we could be shoveling 2 feet of wet snow or bailing out all the water from those vicious storms.  I know I love the snow but that's a lot, even for me. 

February, the month of LOVE.   How special to have a whole day dedicated to that lovely gift in life. My wish for you all is that every day be a day of love. Treat your loved one with honor, respect, 
consideration and above all gratitude.  Recognize what a great gift you have and cherish and nurture it always.


February 5th and 6th,  we will offer our new and very delicious 
WHITE PARMIGIANO CHICKEN  OVER SPAGHETTI  garnished with fresh basil and diced tomatoes.  

While you dine, Jean Vorhees will soothe you with soft piano selections.

Valentines Day weekend  February 12th and 13th  we are serving  a CRAB AND SHRIMP CANNELLONI with ricotta cheese, basil  and baby green  peas in a SWEET RED  BELL PEPPER SAUCE. 

Marla Degraffenried  will be playing your favorites on the piano. 

Our Valentines Day menu   starts with Pomegranate Martinis, followed by a new Steak with onions,  peppers, tomatoes on a fried chip with a creamy roasted garlic and bacon sauce and lettuce,  tomatoes, capers.  BUTTERFLY CHICKEN BREAST WITH MOZZARELLA  CHEESE baked till bubbly, then topped with a TOMATOE RELISH,  served with peas and onions, and a red pasta is our entre.  Dessert is Creme Brule  with raspberries. 

As requested, Jean will again be treating us to romantic love songs played softly on the piano. 

For February 19th and 20th  we are suggesting our SUN DRIED TOMATOES  WITH ONIONS, MUSHROOMS, a littlt bit of white wine, GOAT CHEESE, BASIL AND JULIENNE STEAK STRIPS  over pasta. 

That weekend  Jean will entertain you on piano. 

On the 26th and 27th,  we wIll be serving  ITALIAN SAUSAGE  WITH TOMATOES, YELLOW PEPPERS and BASIL, TOSSED with  PENNE  PASTA.

While you enjoy your delicious dinner, sit back and enjoy the playing of Marla on the piano. 

Our Appetizer of the Month is a FRIED CHEESE RAVIOLI with a spicy Rosie Alfredo dipping sauce.
We are almost full for our Valentines Day Party, but we do run a stand by list.  Give us a call.  As you know, "the best  laid plans..."  happen to us all so you never know. 

We are still planning on building a "Tiny House - Dinner and a Bed".  Right now we are in the fine tuning of the design stage.    We are hoping to break ground  the week after Valentines Day, weather  permitting.   We want to take good care of our contract. It is cold and nasty out there.  Good ones can be hard to find.  I am really excited.  Can't wait to see my design come to life.  Will post some pictures as it develops.

Please remember we ask for reservations, because we cook, staff and set our hours based on those reservations.  We do not take reservations online nor may you leave one on the answering machine.  You must call and talk to one of us personally, so we can be sure you get the best service possible.  

We look forward to seeing you all.   Have a wonderful  time and thanks for everything. 

Courtney and Chris   

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Here is a link to read the article in the Wichita paper, 

Sorry, we can no longer advertise/offer music for the store due to licensing requirements.

   Pasta House  &
(Dine In or To Go)

Address                             Phone
120 W. Main Street                                (620) 637-0175
Toronto, KS 66777

Check out the Emporia Gazette for an
article written about Courtney's Places.


                Pasta House  -(Not suitable for young children)

                            Mon. & Tue. - Closed

                           Wed. - Sat. - 5:00pm- 8:00pm

                           (Fri. & Sat - Reservation Required)

                           Sunday - 5:00 pm - 7:00 pm

                    Pizza Dine In or To Go
                            Mon. & Tue. - Closed                  

                           Wed. - Sat. - 5:00pm -800pm

                           Sunday - 5:00 pm - 7:00 pm


I usually prepare 3 entrees plus the one 
listed nightly on the menu
for your dining choices.

For Reservations 
(620) 637-0175

Since everything is made fresh, please 
make reservations early to better serve
you. Reservations are required  for the Pasta House.
Reserve @ least 24 hrs in advance. If no reservation &
seats are available, you will be served, but menu may
be limited. If you need to change the number in your
group after reserving, call at least that morning by 11am.
If you need to cancel a reservation, call ASAP. We have
a waiting list.  If you don't show, then someone else
misses out on enjoying a good meal.  

Dinner here takes about 1 1/2 to 2 hours in a relaxing
environment, with soft music and good conversation.
Therefore, we are not recommended for children. 
Although we do love them; that's a long time
for young children to sit still.

I now have a liquor license and a small
supply of wine on hand sold by the
glass. You may bring your own bottle
(4-6 servings. Wine Only),  however, there will be
a $7.50 corking fee.
     "Do Not Confuse Wine with Liquor".  

No credit cards, please. Cash or checks only. 
For your convenience, Vision cards are 
accepted. Parties of 6 or more will 
have a 20% gratuity added to their ticket. 
Thank you.

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