Courtney's Places

Pasta House & Pizza

(Dine in or to-go)

Other Beverages:

       Bottled Water  $0.95

       Iced Tea          $0.95


        12 Oz. Cans - $0.85

          2 Liters      - $2.09


               Diet Pepsi


               Dr. Pepper

               Mountain Dew



Drink Menus

Call to order or make reservations - 1-620-637-0175

Please, call between the hours of 11am-8pm , Thursday-Sunday
We are unable to make or change reservations online, by text message or through the answering machine.  To ensure you get the service you deserve, please call and talk to one of us personally for all reservations.
Thank you.

We  have a small supply of wine on hand, sold by the glass.
You may bring your own bottle (ANY size. Wine Only),
however, there will be a $10.50 corking fee.
"Do Not confuse Wine with Liquor".