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January 2018 

I hope your Christmas was filled with as much love and joy and peace as you could hope

for. I am sure that Santa was very generous to you. I know that he was to me.

I am writing this a little early. Not only am I getting a new and improved life (new knee ), but I am getting legal drugs for awhile, so I am not sure how "in the moment" I will be. I guess that I will be finding out what all the fuss is about. Lol


I have always said that "when I am out of something, I am out". For one thing, I live in Toronto and it is an hour round trip to a grocery store. Secondly, I cook based on reservations and a swag. Sometimes cooking and shopping is tough to gauge. I really hate to make a mistake, but like you, it sometimes happens. I apologize for disappointing anyone. I always want to give my best.

Since I will be in a more advisory position for a few weeks, reservation times will be very important. We will try to meet your seating requests as best we can. Thanks for understanding. 

We have been real fortunate to enjoy talents of Jacey Nash who grew up in Fredonia and has recently moved back home after succeeding in 2 careers. The second one as a university professor of literature and the first, back in the 1980s, as a Nashville singer and keyboard player. Jacey is now retired, but continues to write and perform his own original country and gospel songs.

He is absolutely wonderful and our crowds have really enjoyed his playing. He will be joining us again in January, normally on a Saturday night. We are discussing the possibilities of having a Classic Country Night. I'd love some feedback on how you would enjoy that so we can make a schedule. He joins us because he loves to play and is quite fond of Italian Food. That is good because good food and your generosity is how we thank him for being here.

We still have some reservations available for New Years Eve. We will be seating from 5:00 to 8:00 that Sunday evening. Come and enjoy our Crab and Shrimp Cannelloni in a creamy Red Bell Pepper Sauce . That's a real crowd pleaser.
                  Chris and I send our best wishes and love to you all. Have a happy and prosperous New Year.

                              As always,

                     Courtney and Chris