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Please, call between the hours of 11am-8pm , Thursday-Sunday
We are unable to make or change reservations online, by text message or through the answering machine.  To ensure you get the service you deserve, please call and talk to one of us

personally for all reservations. Thank you.

December 2018

Finally it is my favorite time of the year. I know some folks dread all the fuss, mess, the

confusion, putting decorations up and taking them down, and of course all the Christmas

music, but I love it. I say it every year that people are kinder and nicer... or at least I like to think that they are... at this time of year. MERRY CHRISTMAS to you all.

We will be closed on Mon. Dec. the 24th. I wish I could say that our banquet room was up and running but as usual, I have under and over estimated our abilities. It is getting there but the room will not be ready for use this Christmas... lets hope next year.. lol..

Folks have asked us to be open for NEW YEARS EVE. It is such a special night for that special someone so how can we refuse. We will be open from 5 to 8pm as usual and you will order off the menu. We will of course have CHICKEN PARMIGIANA, COURTNEY'S FAVORITES, CHICKEN FLORENTINE AND ITALIAN SAUSAGE IN A ROSIE ALFREDO SAUCE WITH SAUTÉED PEPPERS.  

Please make your reservations as early as possible. We are closed on Mondays so our crew normally has plans but are all looking to be here if wanted and needed.

It is so good for the heart to be told over and over how much

we were missed and everyone is very happy we are here and

open again. Thank you all.

Just a note on reservation. Please, please, please, make a call

to us if you are planning to come for dinner. It is so frustrating

for all of us if you arrive without a reservation and we can't

accommodate you. I am very sorry you are disappointed but

please, don't get mad.  Everywhere and everything says

reservations required. 



PLATTER  have been very well received. I enjoy being able

to try new items when I want. Thanks a lot. 

Just a reminder that we will be here for you on New Years Eve.  

Have a great December. We look forward to serving

you this season. MERRY CHRISTMAS. 
                  Courtney & Chris ​​

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