February 2019


Oh, the month of love. I hope that you all take the time to celebrate and appreciate your

partner and how fortunate you are to have found love. It seems to be more rare than

what it use to be. For those of you who are seeking love, be of good cheer..... You never

know what or who is around the corner.  Then you can all come to dinner. Lol. 

Seriously though, VALENTINES DAY is just a couple weeks away.  Our reservations are almost filled for that night. We are open Fri. and Sat. and Sun. The store will still be over decorated, but that is just me.
PS... only have 1 table of two available, get your name put on the waiting list should someone cancel...

Toronto is continuing to grow and reinvent it self in order to attract new folks to our community. As with all older towns the Elec., the plumbing, the sewer, and the water systems are deteriorating. We are in the process of updating

those systems, one at a time. A long process but worth it in the end. Think of us when contemplating a new, slower, wonderful life.

I get questions about our menu often. I don't include the basic menu in this letter, but I will start because it is good and I try to keep it updated. For one thing, we are hoping to start offering a 12 oz rib eye steak on Thurs nights. I

have had lots of requests for steak. The most comment I get is..."I love to come here but my husband wants meat". Hopefully this will please everyone. We will send out an announcement letting you know when we start.

               HERE IS OUR BASIC MENU:

There is “Chicken Parmigiana” and “Favorites” everyday.  Well, a couple of times I did not offer them and never heard the end of it. Such a revolt..... I won't do that again. 

Our newest dinner was very well received. So good in fact we ran out. We called it  "he who must not be named exotic pasta and chicken bake in asparagus sauce". When I make it again, I recommend you try the dish.  Oh, my brother is very much alive and appreciative that we changed the name. lol.

One more thing that I ask you to remember is that I cook and staff and keep my hours based on reservations. With that in mind, when I run out of an item, I am out. Also, I  might go home early on a Sunday night if I don't have reservations. So remember to make Reservations. Those calls to us are important.

                     And Yes, we are still working on our DINNER AND A BED. One of these days....
                      As ever, 
                      Courtney & Chris ​​

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Call to order or make reservations - 620-637-0175

Please, call between the hours of 11am-8pm , Thursday-Sunday
We are unable to make or change reservations online, by text message or through the answering machine.  To ensure you get the service you deserve, please call and talk to one of us

personally for all reservations. Thank you.