October 2018

What a glorious first day of fall!!  Perfect for enjoying the courtyard and a fire.  

Looks like it should be beautiful for awhile. 

I am having such fun cooking again. Trying some new and delicious items. Seems to be making everyone happy.

The appetizer variety platter and the dessert Varieties are a real hit.

I want to remind everyone that if they have special dietary requirements ie. Gluten free, vegetarian, vegan or easy access seating needs  to request these services when you book  for best service.                                 



I am so excited that we get to spend Christmas together again. I have some cool ideas if I can work them out. I want it to be as beautiful and special as the other room was. Just smaller. 


Pizza continues to be a issue. We make such a good one I don't blame folks for wanting one. The take and bake idea works but not as well as I would like. We can just be too busy Fri. and Sat. nights.....no oven space! To bake them. All I can suggest is to call. If we can we will. Just don't get upset if we can't. Thursdays and Sundays  are usually pretty open now. 

FYI I spent part of yesterday visiting my brother in the hospital where he has received 3 transfusions of blood for a bleeding ulcer brought on by prolonged baby aspirin use as recommended by his Cardiologist. 8 years. Be careful !!


If any of you have gift certificates from before please bring them in, of course we will honor them.


It has been great visiting.. I look forward to serving you this wonderful fall season. 

As ever,  
​​ Courtney & Chris ​​

Pasta House & Pizza

(Dine in or to-go)

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Please, call between the hours of 11am-8pm , Thursday-Sunday
We are unable to make or change reservations online, by text message or through the answering machine.  To ensure you get the service you deserve, please call and talk to one of us

personally for all reservations. Thank you.

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