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                                             JUNE, 2017

How lovely June is promising to be.   Saw on the weather report that the month is

predicted to be wetter and a little cooler than past summers.  Good news to those of us

who can do without all that heat. 

I  hope  You all enjoyed The Memorial Day holiday.  It is really my favorite one here in Toronto.  The cemetery is filled with blooming pink and white peonies, and flags are everywhere.  It is inspirational and so special.  When I first came to town, they used to have the flyover with the bombers coming so close that when they hit the afterburners, I swear the ground shook.  What an awesome sight and sound.   

Our  Buffet is going along well.   I really enjoy the fact that so many are able to enjoy our pastas, who can't make it at night.  Everyone seems to appreciate that we serve family style to keep food fresh and hot.

I keep working on the tiny house.   I hope next month to have an open house, even though so many projects will be left undone.  I had wanted a new hobby to keep me entertained.  I  think I  got one.  The house and yard will take many,  many hours of work.
I love it.


I have seen the schedule of events for Toronto Days.  Sure looks packed with fun.  The  mud volleyball is always a real crowd pleaser and they are always looking for more groups.  You know  for a small town,  Toronto puts on an awesome fireworks display in the State park.   This year the fireworks are planned for Monday night, July 3rd. and the parade is Saturday at 11am.   There are games and activities planned all weekend, along with music by the Trent Criswell Band on Friday night and music in the Park on Sunday afternoon.  Make plans to come and enjoy.  My recent Facebook post includes a copy of the Toronto Days flyer and Here are a couple links with more info. :

Have a wonderful summer and thanks to you all. 


❤️ Courtney and Chris ❤️


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