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April 2019

Don't you just love spring in Kansas. Watching the world come alive is such a treat. I

marvel at it every year. I lament that I don't have the words to do it justice. I would

love to be able to paint a picture of spring in words as my friend in Maine can do on

canvas. You will just have to come and see and enjoy...

Someone called the other day to book the “Dinner & Bed” for October. She was hoping we would have it finished by then, I told her that I hoped so also. Seriously though, we are making progress. Painting is almost finished, moldings are are being installed. We still have to work on the bathroom. It is in my brain.... all I have to do is put it out. Soon, very soon.

For our friends who keep Lent, I am planning delicious meatless dinner entrées thru Easter. Come and celebrate with us.

We continue to try to give you everything you ask for. Do know Becky has joined our little family, which I hope will make offering our delicious pizzas possible. She really makes a good one.

Let's all hope that April is not true to form with rain showers. I am looking outside and clouds filled with rain.... so Let's all do the chant. RAIN RAIN GO AWAY BUT COME AGAIN SOME OTHER DAY!!!

My best to you all. Have a wonderful and joyous Easter and enjoy spring. 🌷🌸🌼🌹

           Courtney & Chris ​​