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  Online Bloggers label Courtney's Places as one of the 'Best of the Southwest' !

   (Even Boasting that Courtney’s Places was one of their most pleasant surprises on their trip.)

  >Bloggers, Ken & Cindy, travel the US in an RV.  Their site is called "Frerx Adventures". (click on

    this link to see their site)   In their blog, they list Courtney's Places as one of the 'Best of the

    Southwest' restaurants.  They posted Courtney's as their #3 favorite!    "We might list 

    Courtney’s Places as one of our most pleasant surprises on the trip....Every course served was

    absolutely outstanding.... .....She (Courtney) told us that, in fact, her restaurant is so popular as

    a ‘destination’ restaurant on Friday and Saturday night’s that she has had to start taking

    reservations charging for cancellations and no-shows because she regularly has all tables

    reserved. She has been written up in several Kansas magazines and newspapers.....Everything

    was homemade, the dining room décor was very tasteful, and Courtney did an amazing

    job.......We were very pleased with our decision to take Highway 54 across Kansas versus

    staying on Interstates and will definitely give this route preference when in that part of the

    country again to insure we get to stop by again to visit Courtney! "

 "Kansas expert Marci Penner, the executive director of the Kansas Sampler Foundation, is a big fan

  of both classic small-town cafes and a batch of newer ones.........Among her favorites: Courtney's

  Places, Toronto, KS"  / (As printed in The Wichita Eagle, Feb. 1, 2013)

Hey, check this out ! Guess who made the front page of the Iola Register in September, 2016! You guessed it, "Courtney's Places"! Here's a link to an online version of the newspaper. The article starts on the front page and is continued onto two more pages.  Iola Register News article








  We made the front page of the Wichita Eagle newspaper!   Michael Pearson has written an absolutely wonderful article on the store. To read the article in the paper, go to this link

  Wichita Eagle newspaper  


​News Reports / Info

(NOTE: Some of the Articles here pertain to the previous Owner, Courtney Neil.  She Owned the Restaurant from 2004 - 2019.  We will be adding new Articles about Pasta & Pasture, as they become available.)

We were also featured in the

Yates Center News in

September, 2016. Two articles

in the same week! WOW!

 Check out the Emporia Gazette for an article written about Courtney's Places.

Pasta & Pasture

​Italian Pasta House & Steaks

120 W. Main Street

​Toronto, KS  66777

 Here is Courtney on YouTube From Sunflower Journeys, PBS KTWU .

 Courtney tells her story of how she ended up in Toronto and in the restaurant business.  Quite an

  entertaining success story !

Only in Your State article/review   December 2019 raving review of Courtney's places says, "...sometimes you need to treat yourself to something special."   

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The Wichita Eagle article helps spread the word of Courtney's Places reopening on July 19th, 2018. 




(Formerly known as Courtney's Places)